Photographer, writer, traveler enjoy living and creating while camping, dreaming, loving and coming home.


Currently I’m do exactly what I’ve always wanted – traveling, listening to music, appreciating art,  absorbing the world while busting my butt as a photographer. Not the McDonald’s or Applebee’s world, instead wandering back roads, small towns, state parks and attending as many festivals as possible.

When I was 19 I bought a 1977 full length Bluebird school bus with the intent to travel the continental U.S. along with two friends and my daughter. I hitchhiked, loved punk, southern river rock and raves. Mad wanderfoot runs fiercely in my family, it’s our lifeblood. The bus is still with me all these years later but I chose to live a more stable life for my daughter’s benefit. We’ve partied on it, friends in need have lived in it, two close friends were even married just behind the driver’s seat with the rear heaped full of our circle in one of the most punk rock wedding imaginable but it’s never left the state of Florida… While I may be taking Jaws instead at least I’m truly free to run as fast and hard as I ever dreamed yet… I’m also always coming home. Being a pisces this is perhaps the perfect balance. We fish folk often are plagued with deeply desiring two exactly opposite things at once, never quite satisfied with just a single path no matter how amazing. It’s one of our most defining traits other than tending to be ultra empathic, artistic, and kind hearted. I’m really truly happy, twenty hour days? Cool. Melting heat? Not concerned. Rain? Sweet, free shower. Broke? As long as the mortgage gets paid I’m down to starve for gas to get to a fest and back. This is my life and I’m LIVING it.

What about the site?

I want to hype the goodness I find regardless of if it’s a band, an artist, or yumastic local BBQ… Just really down with cross pollinating scenes, sharing memories and spreading the pure sweetness out there. Never really been to into the mainstream, kinda figure some of you out there might enjoy what I come across as well. Plus there’s my photography… ALL photography on this site is created by me, personally and unless stated otherwise so are the videos. My photographs are copyright protect works please return here to view them or make other arrangements with me personally. I do enforce my copyrights.

Concert photography is a hard world right now, folks are offer “to credit you” while wanting use of your hard work for nothing. I was driven to create the site because it ate at my soul knowing I had these sweet photographs and memories to share but at the same time I’m not going to allow someone to take my sweat, time and effort but give absolutely nothing of any kind back. Good relationships are built on two way streets, unfortunately most of my photography outlets turned out to be all one way and all in their favor.  This way I have total control over how and where my work is presented.

My Soapbox – Personally I don’t believe this new trend towards thinking of everything non physical as free and up for grabs is healthy for society. For a ton of reasons but I’m not gonna get into that right now, hugs and love. One quick word about the phrase “I’ll make sure to credit you” Credit means absolutely nothing  in today’s world, it generally does a photographer no good other than to get more folks wanting you to work your ass off, use your very expensive gear and time for no compensation of any kind whatsoever regardless of how many hours you spent, your expenses and the risk to your equipment.


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