Please don’t steal my images, come back and enjoy them as much as you’d like or if you would really like one for yourself  check out my gallery and take higher road – purchase a copy! Smile! Good karma, good photographs, good memories.

All photographs, videos and images on are copyrighted works created by me (Cherish L’Dawn Brown). I enforce my rights as the copyright holder. If I’m not there shooting the image it would never exist in the first place. I’m currently a freelance speculative photographer. No ones pays my expenses, no one sends me a check every two weeks, everything comes out of my very small savings account and I’ll keep going till I run out of cash for gas, ice, gear and food… then it all stops sooo be nice, please! Donate or purchase and help keep me capturing great memories!

Donate at Help Keep the Memories Coming

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Purchase at my gallery : )

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  1. shell dininny says:

    hey you! i am the pugs mama, shell is my name and i am honored that i made it here! heehee…makes me smile, and i needed a smile today! i would like to purchase that pic. you also took photos of me and my honey, i dont know how to identify us, but wanna see more. let me know what you come up with. much love, sister.

    • shell dininny says:

      p.s. her name is chloe :)

    • Calico says:

      Awww… Awesome! I love it when photographs find their way home! I know exactly who you are and I’ll locate that photograph pronto! Thank you so much for being so cool. I believe we just connected on facebook I’ll send you a message tomorrow when I’ve got them pulled up :)

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